No two businesses are the same

Which means that you require specific equipment and designs to meet your unique needs. That’s why, at RMF, we don’t try to fit you into a pre-made solution.

We customize our food processing technology to meet the needs of our clients on an individual basis. This approach guarantees that we deliver reliable solutions, while also ensuring that your equipment can handle even the most demanding tasks and environments.

Left Right

Image on one side, content on another. Has an optional intro.

Label Name Type Notes
Intro left_right_intro wysiwyg
Content left_right_content wysiwyg
Image left_right_image_id image (Clone of group_5f5c43d8cb8ad)
Image Focus Point left_right_image_focus_point button_group (Clone of group_5f5c43d8cb8ad)
Image Fit left_right_image_fit select (Clone of group_5f5c43d8cb8ad)
Layout left_right_layout button_group
Background Color left_right_background_color button_group (Clone of group_5f592ddee9bbc)