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RMF’s team of experienced engineers and manufacturers has one goal: designing and building reliable, custom food processing solutions for our clients.

Our eight decades of experience developing dependable solutions makes us the ideal food processing equipment manufacturer for any project you have in mind.

A Legacy of Excellence

Quality and customized food processing equipment suitable for all applications.

The original RMF brand, RMF Steel has served clients across the globe since beginning in 1943. Our team of dedicated and highly-skilled engineers work with experienced manufacturers to create fully-customized food processing equipment, guaranteed to perform however you need it.

The goal of every RMF Steel project is to solve each client’s specific problems, and we do so by listening to your needs and keeping those needs in mind when designing, engineering, and manufacturing unique food processing systems.

Cutting-edge and reliable food massaging and marinating technology that improves yield and efficiency.

Innovation is at the heart of the Challenge RMF brand. There is no other manufacturer that delivers the same kind of quality, unique, and efficient massagers and marinaters that both maximize your yield and your return on investment.

Our patented “Meat-on-Meat” massaging technology activates muscle deep down with gentle massage that avoids product damage while delivering maximum protein exudation and water binding. All Challenge RMF designs are specifically crafted for superior performance with a long working life. 

Dependable freezing and chilling equipment custom-made to handle any processing needs.

With more than 50 years of experience developing dependable and efficient cooling and freezing solutions, RMF Freezers is the right choice for all of your chilling needs. We are innovators in the world of food processing, and we’ve designed just about every possible solution for clients needing unique freezing capabilities.

Our manufacturing facility is large enough to handle whatever systems you may need, no matter how complicated, and our engineers have the decades of experience needed to ensure your solutions are customized to address your exact processing problems.

No two businesses are the same

So no two solutions should be either. At RMF, our food processing solutions are custom-built to your exact needs and specifications, leaving you with reliable equipment and systems that ensure successful operations for years to come.

Build Your Custom Solution.  

For more than eight decades, RMF has served businesses worldwide as a dependable food processing equipment manufacturer. From humble beginnings in a small garage in Kansas City, Missouri, we have developed into an industry leader thanks to reliable, innovative food processing technology and excellent customer service.

Timeline of Company



Founding of RMF



RMF manufactures concrete saws for Target Manufacturing.



RMF secures a large order for meat processing equipment.



RMF invents the Patty Stacker.




RMF partners with Challenge Cook Bros, world leaders in massaging and marinating technology, to start Challenge RMF.



RMF expands internationally with an emphasis in the eastern hemisphere and Central and South America.




RMF forms RMF Freezers.



RMF adds Tri Tray Carton Freezers (SRT) to its line of freezing/cooling equipment.

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