Food Processing Technology

Custom Food Processing Technology

No two businesses are the same,

which means that you require specific equipment and designs to meet your unique needs. That’s why, at RMF, we don’t try to fit you into a pre-made solution.

We customize our food processing technology to meet the requirements of our clients on an individual basis. This approach ensures that we deliver reliable solutions can handle even the most demanding tasks and environments.

How it Works



Your business faces unique challenges, ones that often aren’t solved by pre-made solutions. That’s why we start our process with a deep conversation about your business, including your current facility layout and your production goals. This step is the foundation for creating a food processing solution that’s built to handle your exact requirements.



With your help, we create a design concept that meets your exact specifications. This design integrates multiple components that and we customize to fit into your production space.



Once your design is finished, we formulate a customized quote for the project. You can also use our online quote tool to speed things along.



After approving your design and quote, your project is expertly engineered piece by piece to build your custom food processing system. Every piece is detailed specifically for your project.



Once your parts are engineered, it’s time for manufacturing. We use only the best materials and fabrication skills to craft your food processing equipment.  We ensure the quality production you deserve through every step of the build.


Install and Start-up

Once your processing system is manufactured and ready to use, our experienced crews can take care of the installation for you. We make sure everything properly fits together in your space, then we test run each component so your system is quickly ready for production.



We don’t leave you high and dry after installation. We will take care of your system throughout its production life. Our highly experienced service technicians and top-quality parts department guarantee your system is repaired quickly and accurately.


We manufacture our food processing solutions to handle even the most demanding tasks and environments.


We respect your unique requirements. Our equipment is designed and engineered to fulfill your exact specifications.


Our responsive customer service is here to support you throughout your project’s entire lifespan.

Customer Reviews

From a third-party customer study:

"We got a patty stacker from RMF. They were very hands-on, very knowledgeable. They led me to the right decisions and followed up later. "

- Martin Y.

From a third-party customer study:

"We have service engineers here. There's been a couple of instances where we needed advice from RMF. When we email or send out a communication on technical matters, they are very fast and helpful and solve the technical issues."

- Horst P.

From a third-party customer study:

"The few times I've had to reach out for a response to problems they put me with the right person to solve the problems. Whether the mechanical or control side (electronics), the engineer knew about the controls of our machine. Not chasing our tail forever. They put us with the right person and got us the right parts."

- José G.

From a third-party customer study:

"They are very knowledgeable and experienced. We needed a new dumper and when they got back to us they gave us very specific equipment that we didn't know existed. It was like they read my mind. It speaks to experience on their end, and you can't put a price on experience."

- Kerry T.

From a third-party customer study:

"I was impressed with the innovation of their blender."

- Sam K.

From a third-party customer study:

"They care about doing the right thing and wouldn't make a bad business move. They stand by what they say."

- Fernando S.

From a third-party customer study:

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for Scott and his team. In all the years of dealing with them, there's not even been the slightest hint of a sour transaction. They've always delivered what they say they will. They've always been really helpful answering any questions I have."

- Omar S.

From a third-party customer study:

"For the types of equipment we need for processing and massaging, Challenge RMF can provide the integration of equipment to form production lines. Challenge RMF lines have high-production capacity."

- Steve K.

From a third-party customer study:

"I'd put them up there with anyone I've talked to on the freezer side. In fact, they are better. Their guy is smart, and he asks the right questions. He understands how to give you a quality product and he meets your expectations every time. He's more concerned about the quality of the product than getting a sale."

- Peter N.

From a third-party customer study:

"On the front end of the projects they ask good technical questions, are focused on my needs, and are very responsive."

- Luke S.

From a third-party customer study:

"They're helpful and try to really understand what we're trying to do."

- Jack F.

From a third-party customer study:

"RMF is one of our go-tos. I'll ask for quotes, even if I don't know if they do it, because of prior experience. It's based on the experience I've had and our partnership with RMF."

- Terry R.

From a third-party customer study:

"They are prompt and quick to respond."

- George L.

From a third-party customer study:

"Quality. They build stuff that is stout and long-lasting."

- Bob K.

From a third-party customer study:

"Looking at engineering they keep it simple. I love that it does what it's supposed to do. Other companies try to add every bell and whistle and it's more things that can break. And then you're down."

- Mitch M.

From a third-party customer study:

"It's a proven company -- very well-schooled and they provide good support as well. Challenge RMF provides reliable technology and very good workmanship."

- Andrew O.

From a third-party customer study:

"Consistency. In my history of working with RMF, the design hasn't changed. It's the simplicity of their design, the timelessness of design. It equates to reliability."

- Hans S.

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