Single Column Dumpers with Frozen Block Attachment

Reliable Single Column Dumper with Frozen Block Attachment

From chicken thighs to dog food to blocks and barrels of cheese, food processors depend on RMF Single Column Dumpers in countless applications. RMF has experience manufacturing short and tall dumpers, and dumpers with custom container carriers for your specific containers. For instance, RMF recently designed and manufactured a Single Column Dumper for loading frozen blocks of beef trim into a frozen block grinder. You can see that specific attachment in the video below:



RMF custom designed the Frozen Block Attachment to the specifications of the blocks it carries, ensuring seamless transport of the product every single time. RMF has manufactured hundreds of Single Column Dumpers, many with customized carriages, so we have the experience necessary to recommend the correct carriage for your requirements.


Compact Design

Maximizing floor space productivity is an important consideration for any modern manufacturer. RMF Single Column Dumpers require minimal floor space. For example, processors can load a frozen block grinder with either a column dumper or a cleated belt conveyor. A belt conveyor can easily consume up to five times the floor space as a RMF Single Column Dumper. The conveyor is more expensive and has higher maintenance costs.


Dependable and Sanitary


RMF Single Column Dumpers’ heavy-duty components mean long service life. They are sanitary and easy to clean.



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*All Single Column Dumpers are custom engineered to work with your system and ensure enhanced reliability*