RMF Patty Stacker Is The Industry Leader

RMF Patty Stacker

RMF Patty Stacker
RMF Patty Stacker

With hundreds of installations around the world, the RMF Patty Stacker is the industry standard for continuously and automatically stacking frozen patties, pancakes, hash browns, cookies, and other semi-flat food and non-food products.

RMF Stackers are durable, proven and designed to withstand harsh, wash-down environments.  Our newest model incorporates the most sanitary design in the industry.

RMF also provides spiral and tunnel freezers and ground meat mixing systems.  Let us design and manufacture a complete system for you.

Stack Into Boxes or Sleeves

RMF Stacking Systems are designed to stack into both boxes and sleeves at rates that match today’s fastest formers.  We have designed systems for running as many as 30 patties per sleeve and as few as 5 patties per sleeve.  With slower rates, simply slide the sleeve over the end of the stacker trough and slide patties from the trough into the sleeve.  For faster rates, RMF offers an automatic bag opening system. RMF provides the sleeve sealing system after the patties are in the sleeve, too.

RMF Stacker - Patties into Sleeve
RMF Stacker – Patties into Sleeve


Stack a Variety of Sizes and Shapes

RMF Stackers handle a variety of shapes and sizes.  By changing troughs and/or augers, RMF Stackers can handle many patty shapes and sizes with our without paper.  Changing troughs and/or augers takes less time than changing former plates.  Nobody has more experience stacking different patties than RMF.


RMF Manufactures Food Processing Equipment

In addition to stacking systems, RMF also manufactures custom belt and screw conveyors, mixers and mixing systems, dumpers, massagers and marinaters, and a complete line of freezing/chilling systems.  We also sell microwave tempering and cooking systems.  Our dealers and representatives around the world stand ready to assist our international customers.  For more information about what RMF manufactures, please visit our website.