Rapid Thermal Meat Processing Without Product Damage and Loss

Achieve Fast, Efficient, Damage-free Thermal Meat Processing with the Challenge RMF Thermal Processor System

Challenge RMF Thermal Meat Processor Massaging
Frozen meat blocks begin massage with Challenge RMF Thermal Meat Processor

Thermal Processing of meat and other frozen food items is now achieved in as little as 25% the time required in steam injection systems. Processors are able to schedule frozen product inventory, reclaim costly refrigerated space, reduce maintenance, and maximize efficient use of energy.  Combining advanced microwave technology with the unique Challenge RMF equilibrating Meat-on-Meat Massage™ system, the Challenge RMF Thermal Processor defrosts hard frozen meat and other frozen materials fast.

With this unique system, hard-frozen blocks (-18C) begin to separate in about an hour.  As product temperatures approach the latent zone (approximately -2C, depending on the product), controls are programmed to slowly increase RPM while reducing microwave power. As product reaches defrost and ice crystals are turned to water molecules, the Thermal Processor goes into equilibration mode, achieving even product temperatures in minutes. Control: frozen block to process-ready.

Challenge RMF Thermal Meat Processing: Thawing Without Product Damage and Loss

Challenge RMF Thermal Meat Processing
After massaging in the Challenge RMF Thermal Meat Processor, meat is ready fast and efficiently for further processing.

The unique Challenge RMF Meat-on-Meat Massage™ is a rotating and folding action and creates an excellent environment for even temperature rise, without product degradation.  The helical flights gently fold product back onto itself, moving in a continuous elliptical path within the load.

One Challenge RMF Thermal Processing System Eliminates Four Steam Injection Tumblers

One ChalChallenge RMF Meat Massaging Differencelenge RMF Thermal Processing System will bring 4,400 lbs. (2,0000 kg) of large-muscle beef or ham from 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C) to 33-37 degree F (1-3 degree C) in about two hours — with NO purge and NO product damage.  In a tumbler with steam injection, it would take four times as many systems to match this output.
The Challenge RMF system requires no additional equipment, no additional cooling, no additional moisture, no additional heat load, and no steam generators.  The result is hard frozen raw materials, ready for further processing, in line — with no delays. To learn more about this unique system, please click here.