Learn The Challenge RMF Meat Massager Difference

Do You Know the Difference Between The Challenge RMF Meat Massager and A Generic Meat Tumbler?

If you don’t know the difference between Challenge RMF Meat Massagers and generic tumblers it could be costly.  On the other hand, knowing can be very rewarding!

The Big Contrast Between The Challenge RMF Meat Massager and A Generic Meat Tumbler

Challenge RMF Meat Massager
Challenge RMF Meat Massager – Meat on Meat Massage

Product damage caused by meat tumblers is very wasteful for meat processors. Simply put, tumblers pull, rip, shear, and tear muscles making quality standards difficult to achieve. This product damage and degradation makes for a high reject rate.

Inside a generic tumbler the product is lifted and dropped. The load balls up and its outer surface is beaten by the shelves. Inside the Challenge RMF Massager, the meat-on-meat action is gentle and smooth, yet intensive — preserving the integrity of the muscle and achieving optimum yield.

Side-by-side Comparisons: the Challenge RMF Meat Massager Versus a Generic Meat Tumbler

When you look at side-by-side comparisons with a Challenge RMF Massager and a generic tumbler it’s easy to see the difference.  Please click here to see for yourself. The difference is compelling.

Rotating on an inclined axis, the Challenge RMF Massager creates an elliptical motion, gently kneading and massaging every piece of product; there are no ‘dead spots’ — the load is one hundred percent active.  There’s no tumbling or impact damage, and no hydraulic shock. There is no forcing out of liquid or excessive heat build up, and no product damage.

In addition to preserving the integrity of the muscle, Challenge RMF Meat Massager technology enables a uniform and consistent pick-up of ingredients and free liquid — binding liquid into the product, minimizing cook-out, preventing purge, and increasing slicing yield.

It’s clear that Challenge RMF offers the only true massaging technology.  Please contact us today to see how you can add to your bottom line with Challenge RMF Massaging technology!