Industrial Lift and Pivot Dumpers

Things to AVOID when purchasing Industrial Lift and Pivot Dumpers:


Sanitation and dependability are two of the most important pillars of successful food processing facilities. RMF actively finds new ways to innovate and then incorporate technology into our products that tangibly improve reliability and enhance sanitation practices. It is paramount to avoid purchasing lift and pivot dumpers that create a liability through improper sanitation. It is also important to avoid lift & pivot dumpers that are prone to breaking down.

Different, by Design:

Eliminating product contamination is vital to all components of food processing, and improper lifting and dumping of product creates numerous opportunities for batches to be spoiled. The lift causes wood, cardboard, and other undesired contaminants to rise above the mixer, and dumpers with no safeguards can allow these contaminants to drop into the product. This causes entire batches, representing thousands of pounds of product, to be ruined while increasing food waste. This is a risk modern processing plants cannot take on. Click here for pictures, or watch the video below!



The above video demonstrates how RMF’s Pallet Stripping Feature removes the pallet from the product zone, essentially eliminating the risk of wood dropping into the batch. At RMF, we constantly adapt and update our products to stay ahead of potential contaminants and hygienic risks.


Less Moving Parts:

Adding additional and unnecessary cylinders to a machine represents an opportunity for mechanical failure, increased maintenance costs, and further contamination risks (when considering that maintenance to hydraulic fittings needs to occur above the product dumping zone). RMF strategically places the single operating/lifting hydraulic cylinder on the floor, within the frame of the dumper. This mitigates the risk for contamination, and results in a more reliable product. Be cautious when looking into Lift and Pivot dumpers that add “extra” cylinders for lifting.

Size Matters:

Having one cylinder lift and pivot the product decreases the risk for mechanical failures. High quality materials and fortified framework further enhance durability. The massive steel plating and compact base design of the RMF Lift and Pivot Dumper ensures the machine will not crumble under the stress of multi-thousand-pound loads. Lifting product within the base of the dumper minimizes stress on the machine, especially considering the sheer mass of the framework. Skimping on steel and/or material quality can be both costly and dangerous when moving a sizeable amount of product. RMF Lift and Pivot Dumpers create confidence in terms of durability and safety because of the construction. Avoid purchasing Lift and Pivot dumpers that cannot support the load over time, due to their small framework.


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*RMF custom designs and manufactures all Lift and Pivot Dumpers to achieve maximum reliability*