Discover the Challenge RMF Meat Massager Capacity

Challenge RMF Massager Capacity Range Exceeds Your Production Requirements.

The Challenge RMF Meat Massager capacity range exceeds your production requirements by offering a wide range of models ranging from 2,500 to 22,000 pound batch capacity.

Challenge RMF Massager Marinater
The Challenge RMF MM-1 Massager/Marinater 2,500 lb. Batch Capacity

All Challenge RMF Meat Massager Models Achieve Superior Results

Unlike generic tumblers, the Challenge RMF Massager can produce the same outstanding results for partial loads as for full loads with no change in process or procedure. There is no need to buy extra capacity or be caught short with too little.

The Challenge RMF drum, with its unique helical flights, imparts the same meat-on-meat massaging action with loads as small as one-third of capacity. This adaptability makes it feasible to run small batches, and to use regular production equipment for research and development work.

Of the seven different models Challenge RMF offers, each is capable of massaging virtually any meat or poultry product with results that far surpass all other types of equipment. Please read here to see the full range.  In side-by-side comparisons with other industry equipment, the unique Challenge RMF massaging action provides superior results without product damage while increasing yield and quality.

Challenge RMF Meat Massager Capacity Exceeds Production Requirements and Improves Quality and Yield

Challenge RMF MM-10 Massager/Marinater
Challenge RMF MM-10 Massager/Marinater 22,000 lb. Batch Capacity

The Challenge RMF meat-on-meat massage is so gentle it avoids product damage, yet has an intensity that provides maximum protein extraction and water binding. Since the helical flights inside the drum do not rotate independently, they cannot tear or shear muscle, nor separate skin, nor damage fat cover. Quality is protected and appearance is improved.

There is a massager in the Challenge RMF range of machines to match virtually all production requirements.

With its wide range of models, Challenge RMF is sure to have a massager or marinater to fit your requirements precisely with no compromise. For more information on how Challenge RMF can exceed your production needs, please contact the Challenge RMF team today!