Patty Stacking System

RMF Industrial Patty STacking System


RMF revolutionized the patty packing industry nearly 50 years ago with the introduction of the first RMF Industrial Patty Stacker. Since then, our unrivaled expertise in patty stacking has garnered global acclaim, with numerous successful installations worldwide. Food processors have achieved remarkable reductions in labor costs and significant increases in efficiency employing RMF Patty Stackers.

While RMF Patty Stackers are widely recognized, it is important to note that they are just one integral component of our comprehensive patty producing systems, which are engineered and manufactured with meticulous attention to detail.

The system pictured below provides an overview of a typical RMF Custom Patty Stacking System. RMF designs system to meet packers’ unique specifications and requirements. As a testament to our commitment to quality, RMF constructs system with heavy duty components, ensuring both reliability and ease of sanitation.



  1. Patty Transport Conveyor: These conveyors seamlessly move patties from the freezer to decline conveyors, facilitating automatic transfer to the subsequent stages of the system and ensuring a continuous and efficient product flow.



  1. Patty Decline Conveyor: Decline conveyors smoothly lower the product from the elevated spiral freezer to the patty stackers’ operating level. Cleats and flaps assist in organizing patties for stacking.




  1. Metal Detector Conveyor: RMF metal detector conveyors help ensure contaminant free product. They employ either an integrated reject mechanism, or can trigger an automatic reject at the patty stacker’s infeed belt.



  1. Patty Stacker: RMF customizes each patty stacker to match the precise specifications of your products. The infeed conveyor uniformly distributes patties across the patty stacker’s width, aligning them with the stacker’s augers. Auger speed is infinitely variable within a particular range.  The augers stack patties into the stacker’s troughs where they can be packed off into boxes or slid off the trough ends into sleeves or bags.



  1. Packing Stations: To streamline the packaging process, RMF patty packing systems incorporate packing stations, where operators efficiently package the products as they come off the patty stacker.



  1. Full Box Transfer Conveyors: Designed to be robust and reliable, full box transfer conveyors move boxed and/or bagged product to final packaging.




  1. Check Weigher: RMF upholds strict quality control standards by integrating check weighers into our systems to ensure consistent product weights and guarantee regulatory compliance.



  1. Box Taper: Depending on the specific requirements of our customers, RMF offers automatic and manually operated box tapers and strappers.



  1. Pallet: As the final stage of the process, the RMF Pallet Lift makes stacking finished boxes on to pallets ergonomically correct.



At RMF, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. Our commitment to excellence, industry-leading expertise, and the utilization of high-quality materials ensure that our customers achieve optimal results in their food processing operations.

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*RMF custom designs and manufactures all Patty Stacking Systems to achieve maximum reliability*