Challenge RMF Vacuum Meat Massagers & Marinaters

For versatile vacuum meat massagers turn to Challenge RMF, leaders in massage and marination technology for over thirty years.

Challenge RMF’s unique vacuum meat massagers & marinaters are ideal for a whole range of meat, poultry and seafood products — explaining why they’re in daily use with meat and poultry processing plants around the world. Read on to learn about the many adaptations and superior action of the Challenge RMF vacuum meat massagers & marinaters.

Challenge RMF Vacuum Meat Massager
The Challenge RMF Vacuum Massager adds versatility, dependability, and superior quality for meat processors

Challenge RMF Vacuum Meat Massagers & Marinaters

The unique Challenge RMF features that work together to provide superior quality products and improved yield are acclaimed worldwide. From all types of ham, poultry, beef, and seafood, Challenge RMF has a reputation for protecting muscle integrity through its special meat-on-meat massage action.

The helical flights pass continually through the meat mass as the drum turns, creating a gentle kneading — massaging each and every muscle. The load is 100% active, there are no dead spots.  Moreover, there is no lifting and dropping, no tumbling, impact damage, or hydraulic shock.  To see this unique action compared to a meat tumbler, please click here.

Vacuum Meat Massagers & Marinaters by Challenge RMF

The gentle Challenge RMF meat-on-meat massaging produces consistent results, load after load. Additionally, there is uniform and consistent ingredient and free-liquid pick-up, improving molecular binding within muscles – all contributing to a high quality finished product.

Challenge RMF offers a full range of machines to match virtually all production requirements.  The smallest massager has a working capacity of 2,500 lb. or 1,140 kg.  The largest vacuum massager and marinater has a capacity of 22,000 lbs. or 11,000 kg.  There are seven different massagers and marinaters available with customized specifications to meet each processor’s particular needs.

With incredible versatility, unique massaging action, and optimum yield, the Challenge RMF Vacuum Meat Massagers & Marinaters provide the maximum return on investment. Please click here to learn more!