RMF Freezers Products


RMF Freezers' spiral freezers and chillers are designed to freeze or chill products. Our unique dual horizontal airflow design reduces operating costs, increases yield and decreases dwell time. This unique baffle system assists in minimizing the total fan static pressure, reducing the total fan horsepower required to refrigerate the product. RMF Freezers Spirals offer the lowest fan horsepower usage in the industry. Floor mounted, horizontal, variable fin design coils provides an easy to defrost, maximum coil surface area and extends operating time between defrosts. Sequential defrost capability available to increase production.

Open cage design greatly facilitates accessibility, cleaning and product observation. Sanitary construction provides easy cleaning to sanitation crew or Clean In Place (CIP) systems.

Base units are designed with an all bolted construction eliminates on-site welding ensuring quick, accurate field assembly. Field welding is not required on the spiral. Construction components are stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized steel

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