Challenge RMF’s Exclusive Meat Massaging Outperforms

Challenge RMF’s Exclusive Meat Massaging Technology Outperforms All Others, Giving Processors the Best Return on Investment.

If you’re looking for the best return on investment for massaging technology, Challenge RMF is your solution. With it’s exclusive meat-on-meat massage, Challenge RMF delivers the industry’s finest results in performance, quality, and working life.

ChaChallenge RMF Meat-on-Meat Massagellenge RMF’s Meat-on-Meat Massage

Processors worldwide rely on the quality results they achieve batch-after-batch, year- after-year, from their Challenge RMF massagers. Designed with a proprietary mechanical action, the exclusive Challenge RMF meat-on-meat massage can tenderize the muscle and activate proteins at the core without inflicting damage to the surface, meat fibers, or connective tissues. The result for processors is maximum protein exudation and maximum water binding which together means maximum bottom-line savings!

From pork to beef, poultry, and seafood, the gentle Challenge RMF massaging does so many things for so many products.  Product is improved in every way. Inside the drum of the massager, continuous helical flights move the product on an inclined elliptical path. Every piece of the product is massaged with every turn of the drum – resulting in a 100 percent live load with no dead spots!  To see the drum in action, please click here.

No Other Technology Compares to Challenge RMF Meat-on-Meat Massaging

The unique meat-on-meat technology is the secret of Challenge RMF’s success. The helical flights do not rotate independently of the drum so they cannot tear or shear muscle, nor separate skin nor damage fat cover. Since there is no lifting and dropping or tumbling, there is no impact damage, no hydraulic shock, no forcing out of liquid, and no excessive heat build-up. If you are looking to maximize quality, maximize yield, and maximize your return on investment, find out more about the Challenge RMF meat-on-meat massage. Please contact Challenge RMF today!