Vacuum Meat Tumblers – Meat Massagers

Vacuum Meat Tumblers – Meat Massagers

The unique design of Challenge RMF Massagers offers the benefits of both tumbling and massaging in one machine — providing a win-win solution for meat and food processors. The technologies of tumblers and massagers are key components to achieving the highest level of results in the further processing of meat and poultry products, so choosing between the technologies is an important decision based on several considerations.  Fortunately, Challenge RMF takes away the uncertainties and gambles!

Vacuum Meat Tumblers – Meat Massagers Target Different Results

Challenge meat massager
Challenge RMF Massager achieves benefits of both tumbling and massaging

The Challenge RMF Massager offers a gentle, yet aggressive massage that protects the integrity of the muscle, thus eliminating product damage. For processors looking to decrease their rejection rate, this is paramount. Unlike a typical tumbler, the muscle is not lifted and dropped. Instead, helical flights rotating on an inclined axis offer a wave-like motion on the surface of the load as the muscle pieces are massaged within the meat mass — as you can learn in greater detail here.

Challenge RMF Massagers Provide the Benefits of Tumblers without the Negative Side Affects

For processors focused on protein extraction to bind smaller muscle pieces through tumbling, Challenge RMF Massagers provide the perfect level of extraction without overdoing it. Often the over aggressive lift-and-drop action of a generic tumbler results in tough and rubbery product texture. Moreover, the distribution of ingredients and marinade are not mixed thoroughly and evenly — unlike the results achieved with the exclusive Meat-on-Meat Massage™ technology by Challenge RMF.

Challenge RMF Infinitely Variable Speed Gives Processors Control

Additionally, Challenge RMF Massagers are equipped with infinitely variable speed capabilities which enables processors to completely control the action needed to achieve their specific meat massaging goals. For whole muscle and bone-in products, a slower, gentle action is needed. With a faster more intense speed processors can achieve the perfect outcome for sectioned or chunked and formed products.

The Bottom Line:

If you’re searching for the best solution to your vacuum meat tumbling and meat massaging needs, don’t hesitate to call or contact Challenge RMF today. Please click here to learn more how we can help you achieve your further processing goals!