Why Meat-On-Meat Massaging Achieves Greater Results

Challenge RMF Meat Massaging

Challenge RMF Proprietary Design and Mechanical Action Creates Incomparable Outcomes and Cost-Savings Batch-after-batch, day-after-day, year-after-year, processors worldwide achieve unmatched quality and savings from Challenge RMF massagers and marinaters.  Designed with a proprietary mechanical action, Challenge RMF meat-on-meat massaging tenderizes muscle and activates proteins at the core without inflicting damage to the surface, meat fibers, or … Continued

Vacuum Meat Tumblers – Meat Massagers

Challenge meat massager

Vacuum Meat Tumblers – Meat Massagers The unique design of Challenge RMF Massagers offers the benefits of both tumbling and massaging in one machine — providing a win-win solution for meat and food processors. The technologies of tumblers and massagers are key components to achieving the highest level of results in the further processing of … Continued