RMF Presents the Newest RMF Steam Jacketed Cooking Mixer

RMF Steam Jacketed Mixer
RMF Steam Jacketed Mixer

RMF presents the newest RMF Steam Jacketed Cooking Mixer/Blender.  Yes, RMF makes steam injected and steam jacketed cooking mixers for all types of food processing applications including, soups, pastas, chili, and sauces.  We offer a range of sizes and configurations to match your needs and have worked extensively with CO2 Chilling Mixers, N2 Chilling Mixers, Vacuum Mixers, Powder Mixers, and Cheese Mixers.  RMF provides PLC controls including programming for complicated recipes. We also provide peripheral equipment for mixing systems including conveyors, dumper and platforms.  Please read here for more information.

RMF Mixer Direct Drives

Latest RMF Steam Jacketed Cooking Mixer/Blender Direct Drives

RMF offers both direct drives and chain/sprocket drive systems.  Our proven direct drive systems eliminate the need for chain/sprocket guards and chain lubrication requirements.  We are experienced in all types and sizes of drives for different applications, including heavy duty chilling applications.





RMF Mixer Water Tight Shaft Seals

RMF Cooking Mixer/Blender Water Tight Shaft Seal

To address our customers’ wishes for seals that do not leak, RMF offers air purge shaft seals. These sanitary seals are perfect for high moisture products.  We also offer load cells, water meters and other options for cooking mixers.






RMF Capabilities

RMF manufactures a variety of food processing equipment including mixers, dumpers, belt & screw conveyors, platforms, patty stackers, and modified atmosphere packaging systems.  We frequently design entire processing systems using this machinery.  Our sister company, RMF Freezers manufactures a complete range of freezing and chilling equipment including Spiral Freezers/Chillers, IQF Tunnels, Crust Freezers, and Trolley Freezers/Chillers.  We also sell microwave tempering and cooking systems.  Please contact the RMF team for more information.