RMF Freezers Products


The RMF Trolley “Typhoon Series” Freezer is designed for crust freezing or full freezing of meats, fish, poultry, cakes and other packaged perishable products. Our system capacities range from 500 thru 50,000 lbs. per hour. Custom trolleys can be designed to fit specific customer product requirements.

Uniform airflow design for fast and efficient freezing and cooling. Each lane has its only dedicated variable speed drive (electric or hydraulic). Central hydraulic drive package is available.

Horizontal, variable fin designed coils are easier to defrost, provides maximum coil surface area and extends operating time between defrosts.

Trolley-Freeze uses standard carts and baskets and a floor chain to move the carts through the freezer. The system features centrifugal fans, which give positive control of air circulation through the lanes of carts. Stable operation characteristics of the centrifugal fan allow for additional rows of carts to be added.

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