RMF innovates. We charge forward on many fronts for the food processing industry. Our past innovations manifest our forward thinking state of mind. Our latest ideas include sanitation and robotic solutions sure to assist our customers.


RMF is experienced. We have been horizontally immersed in the food processing industry for decades, seven of them. You can practically say we've seen it all. Our customers trust our experience to point them down the right path on a wide variety of applications.


RMF is an automation leader. Have you seen our latest product lines? We incorporate automated controls, smart technology, and robotics.


RMF successfully integrates. We manufacture many different lines of food processing equipment. When RMF puts together a system, almost all of what we provide we manufacture and integrate. If there is an item in a system that we don't manufacture, we have the expertise to recommend and integrate it, too. We know the key to successful system integration is attention to detail.


RMF is committed. Please ask us for references and they'll tell you. From design to proposal to engineering, fabrication, installation and start-up, you can count on us every step of the way.