Challenge RMF Vacuum Meat Massagers & Marinaters

For versatile vacuum meat massagers turn to Challenge RMF, leaders in massage and marination technology for over thirty years. Challenge RMF’s unique vacuum meat massagers & marinaters are ideal for a whole range of meat, poultry and seafood products — explaining why they’re in daily use with meat and poultry processing plants around the world. … Continued

RMF Lift & Pivot Dumper – The Industry Workhorse

RMF Lift & Pivot Dumper                  RMF Lift & Pivot Dumper The RMF Lift & Pivot Dumper is an industry proven workhorse.  We have been manufacturing dumpers for over four decades and are familiar with many applications.  For instance, our vat clamping chute keeps liquid loss during dumper … Continued

Learn The Challenge RMF Meat Massager Difference

Challenge RMF Meat Massaging

Do You Know the Difference Between The Challenge RMF Meat Massager and A Generic Meat Tumbler? If you don’t know the difference between Challenge RMF Meat Massagers and generic tumblers it could be costly.  On the other hand, knowing can be very rewarding! The Big Contrast Between The Challenge RMF Meat Massager and A Generic … Continued

RMF Patty Stacker Is The Industry Leader

RMF Patty Stacker With hundreds of installations around the world, the RMF Patty Stacker is the industry standard for continuously and automatically stacking frozen patties, pancakes, hash browns, cookies, and other semi-flat food and non-food products. RMF Stackers are durable, proven and designed to withstand harsh, wash-down environments.  Our newest model incorporates the most sanitary design … Continued

Discover the Challenge RMF Meat Massager Capacity

Challenge RMF Vacuum Meat Massager

Challenge RMF Massager Capacity Range Exceeds Your Production Requirements. The Challenge RMF Meat Massager capacity range exceeds your production requirements by offering a wide range of models ranging from 2,500 to 22,000 pound batch capacity. All Challenge RMF Meat Massager Models Achieve Superior Results Unlike generic tumblers, the Challenge RMF Massager can produce the same … Continued

RMF Steam Jacketed Cooking Mixer

RMF Presents the Newest RMF Steam Jacketed Cooking Mixer RMF presents the newest RMF Steam Jacketed Cooking Mixer/Blender.  Yes, RMF makes steam injected and steam jacketed cooking mixers for all types of food processing applications including, soups, pastas, chili, and sauces.  We offer a range of sizes and configurations to match your needs and have worked extensively … Continued

Challenge RMF’s Exclusive Meat Massaging Outperforms

Challenge RMF Meat Massaging

Challenge RMF’s Exclusive Meat Massaging Technology Outperforms All Others, Giving Processors the Best Return on Investment. If you’re looking for the best return on investment for massaging technology, Challenge RMF is your solution. With it’s exclusive meat-on-meat massage, Challenge RMF delivers the industry’s finest results in performance, quality, and working life. Challenge RMF’s Meat-on-Meat Massage … Continued

Turn to RMF for Custom Food Processing Equipment

For innovative, high-quality, custom food processing equipment, turn to the professionals at RMF. With over seven decades of experience, RMF can do it all. If you’re in need of custom food processing equipment, look no further than RMF. From design, to engineering, to fabrication, to installation, our team is committed to working closely with our … Continued