Used 3M-Matic Case Sealing System for Sale

Please contact RMF at 816-765-4101 or for a great price on the used 3M-Matic Case Sealing System pictured below. 3M-Matic Case Sealing System – Model A80 – Type 10700 – Serial Number 50226 – 120V – 2.75 Amp – 330 Watt – 60 Hz – 1 Ph – A

Why Meat-On-Meat Massaging Achieves Greater Results

Challenge RMF Meat Massaging

Challenge RMF Proprietary Design and Mechanical Action Creates Incomparable Outcomes and Cost-Savings Batch-after-batch, day-after-day, year-after-year, processors worldwide achieve unmatched quality and savings from Challenge RMF massagers and marinaters.  Designed with a proprietary mechanical action, Challenge RMF meat-on-meat massaging tenderizes muscle and activates proteins at the core without inflicting damage to the surface, meat fibers, or … Continued

Get the Lowest Costs for Meat Massaging, Tumbling – Challenge RMF

Challenge RMF Meat Massaging Achieves Significant Product Formulation Cost Savings. High quality/low cost meat muscle products are the goal of meat processors — and readily achieved with the Challenge RMF exclusive meat massage action. The quality vs. cost conflict is a battle for processors using traditional ‘lift-and-drop’ tumblers. Challenge RMF takes away the battle and allows processors to … Continued

Rapid Thermal Meat Processing Without Product Damage and Loss

Achieve Fast, Efficient, Damage-free Thermal Meat Processing with the Challenge RMF Thermal Processor System Thermal Processing of meat and other frozen food items is now achieved in as little as 25% the time required in steam injection systems. Processors are able to schedule frozen product inventory, reclaim costly refrigerated space, reduce maintenance, and maximize efficient use of energy.  Combining … Continued

Meat Processing Massaging Equipment: Top 3 Criteria

For Top Performance in Meat Processing Massaging Equipment, Challenge RMF Sets the Standard. When it comes to performance, Challenge RMF sets the standard for three important criteria in meat processing massaging equipment: production, quality, and cost of ownership.  Combined with our unique design and exclusive meat-on-meat massaging technology, Challenge RMF is the world leader in the … Continued

RMF Screw Conveyors Solve Your Material Transfer Problems

RMF Screw Conveyor

RMF Screw Conveyors For Every Application Tap into our application experience with RMF screw conveyors.  RMF has manufactured custom screw conveyors for nearly 40 years.  You can say we’ve see it all. And when it comes to screw conveyors and metering hoppers, experience is everything.  Processors need to be sure that the equipment they choose … Continued

Vacuum Meat Tumblers – Meat Massagers

Challenge meat massager

Vacuum Meat Tumblers – Meat Massagers The unique design of Challenge RMF Massagers offers the benefits of both tumbling and massaging in one machine — providing a win-win solution for meat and food processors. The technologies of tumblers and massagers are key components to achieving the highest level of results in the further processing of … Continued

RMF Column Dumper

RMF Single Column Dumper

RMF Column Dumper The RMF Column Dumper is the workhorse of many industries and many applications.  Like all RMF Dumpers, our Column Dumper is manufactured from the most robust materials and is designed for long service life. RMF Column Dumpers are ubiquitous in the meat processing industry world-wide.  We also work with the fresh produce … Continued

Challenge RMF Massager, Marinater, Non-Shear Mixer

Challenge RMF Massager, Marinater, Non-Shear Mixer Protects Product Quality. The Challenge RMF Massager, Marinater, Non-Shear Mixer technology protects your product quality better than any other like technology on the market.There’s no better way to massage, marinate or mix your product without degradation than with Challenge RMF Massager, Marinater, Non-Shear Mixer technology. Challenge RMF Massager, Marinater, … Continued

RMF Freezers Spiral Freezer Chills Efficiently

RMF Freezers Spiral Freezer  RMF Freezers Spiral Freezer chills and freezes efficiently.  Please study our unique double pass, horizontal airflow below.  Also, please note our vast, decades long history of experience with all kinds of applications in many different industries.  In addition to spiral freezers, we manufacture Trolley Freezers, IQF Tunnel Freezers, and Crust Freezers. … Continued