Who We Are

Engineers, Manufacturers since 1943

RMF Steel is fundamentally a company of experienced engineers and dedicated manufacturers. We pay attention to details. We solve problems. When you need a complicated system designed, engineered, and manufactured, you can count on RMF to get it right.


In 1943, RMF began in a small garage in Kansas City, Missouri. After World War II, we focused on material handling equipment of all kinds. One of our first products was a bushel basket wheel barrow fabricated from surplus pipe purchased from the Pratt & Whitney World War II airplane engine plant. Our largest customer during the 1950's was Target, a manufacturer of concrete saws. In 1961, RMF secured a large order to provide material handling equipment for a nearby food processor. From there, RMF would realize its key industry moving forward.


It was during the fabrication of this equipment that we recognized the food industry would be moving toward replacing carbon steel with stainless steel in their plants. RMF responded with a complete line of stainless steel mixers, belt & screw conveyors, dumpers, and platforms. In the late 1970's, RMF designed the Snorkel-Vac and the now ubiquitous Patty Stacker. Further innovation and world leading technology entered into the fold when we introduced the Challenge RMF Vacuum Meat Massager in late 1980's. With the new millennium came RMF Freezers, a complete line of freezing and chilling systems.


RMF Founder J.P. “Robbie” Robertson, far right, started RMF in 1943 in a garage in Kansas City.