What Sets Us Apart


RMF is an independent, closely held company. We can make accurate decisions quickly. Our facility is large and we operate with a wide variety of heavy duty equipment. We do not have to rely on other manufacturers to fabricate parts for us. This allows us to control our own quality and control our deliveries. Indeed, we manufacture parts for many other food processing equipment fabricators.

Work Ethic

RMF works. We are Midwesterners and take pride in our work ethic. We have 55 employees with over 20 years of service. Many on the list have been with us 30, 40, and even 50 years.


RMF is Experienced. We have been horizontally immersed in the food processing industry for decades, seven of them. You can practically say we’ve seen it all. Our customers trust our experience to point them down the right path on a wide variety of applications.